Tips On Planning A Bachelor Party


Are you the best man for a wedding? Then there are many things that you will have to arrange and many responsibilities to take care of. The first and the foremost thing to do if you are the best man is to plan a bachelor party in Montreal as it is considered the best place for such an event. A bachelor party is much more than keg stands; there are invitations, activities, logistics and much more to take care. You can use some tips on how to go about all of it, refer this to know a few trends. There are many ideas that you can implement to make this the most happening, fun and memorable event for the would-be bridegroom and his friends. Here are some tips to assist you to plan for this bash.

A bachelor party can happen anywhere there is no location constraint. All it should have is some fun activities like playing cards, lots of alcohol, etc. But of late it has become trendy to go the traditional way and for example prefer to spend a weekend in a jungle resort or something like that. Some even prefer going to their time in rafting, skydiving, rock climbing, etc. If you have friends that are not too adventurous, then you should opt for a more calmer place like a bar, gambling, etc. Based on the budget you should look for places as travel could mean more expenses. You can also have that party in your apartment if you are penny-pinching.

The timing of the party should be right; you do not want to have a bash the one night before the marriage as you do not want to have the bridegroom to suffer a hangover. The bride and the groom will be nervous, and you should not be adding to their nervousness by getting the groom drunk in bachelor’s party. It is better to have the bash a few weeks before the wedding week or worst case it to have it a week before. A weekend is the best time to put up this bash as you can then make sure that all your friends can attend, plus people from out of town can also plan their time and attend this party. Also, invites should be sent in advance so that there is no clash of schedule.

List out the guests
A bachelor party is an all man’s party and hence other than a stripper there will be no women. This party was traditionally a get together for the gentlemen who would toast to the bride; it has now become a grubby night. The best man arranges the party and invites all male friends and relatives of the groom and the bride. As a best man, you should know who he likes and dislikes and ensure that you only invite people who he wants. Do not make the mistake of having people he doesn’t see eye to eye.
Ensure that you make arrangements for people who are drunk to drive home safely. You can hire a driver or a cab for them to be driven home.