How To Make Your Soil Healthy For Growing Trees?


Growing trees is the need of the hour. Trees require healthy and highly nutritious soil for their proper growth. There are several properties of soil that you must concentrate on when growing trees. Soil is the medium that plays a key role to grow trees and spread the roots in the lower earth’s surface. The quality of soil and its conditions mainly decides the growth of trees. There are various types of soil which different based on their size and presence of minerals and particle types. Today there are various complete grow tent kits for soil available in the market for growing plants indoors. The reviews available online would help to choose the right grow tent kit for soil. The following offers some of the features and properties of soil for growing trees.

Favorable Soil Conditions
It is important that the soil is under various favorable conditions for the healthy growth of plants and trees. The following are the favorable conditions of healthy soil.

Uncompaction: The soil surface must be uncompacted so that the soil gets the required nutrients and water.

Aeration: The soil must be highly aerated so that the nutrients seep into the soil underneath. Aeration gives room for soil to breathe.

Moisture Content: The moisture content of the soil is important for the soil to become highly nutritious. Moist soil helps in absorbing the essential nutrients required for the growth of trees. The soil must be capable of retaining the water content on its surface.

Layers Of Soil
There are several layers of soil that one must be aware of when growing trees.

Top Soil: This part of the soil is also called A horizon which consists of the decomposed organic material. This layer usually ranges a few inches from the outer soil surface.

Sub Soil: This is a deeper soil layer called the B horizon. It does not contain any organic material.

Parent Material: This is the deepest layer also called the C horizon. It is the primary source of soil.

Properties Of Soil
Nutrients: There are several essential nutrients required for the growth of trees. Carbon dioxide and oxygen are essential that aids in the growth of plants and trees. Water is an important element required to enrich the soil. Other essential nutrients that make the soil healthy are nitrogen, calcium, sulphur, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. All these nutrients keep the soil fertile. The above nutrients help in the proper growth of the roots. It is responsible for the immune system of the trees.

Presence of Organic Matter: Organic matter is nothing but the elements formed by the decay of leaves and other natural debris. The organic matter is rich in various types of nutrients and minerals. The fertility and health of the soil are mainly influenced by the presence of organic matter in it. Organic matter makes your soil more aerated and uncompacted. The soil remains moist and permeable.

Cation Exchange: The soil intakes the essential nutrients based on the cation exchange property of the soil. It is nothing but the presence of charged ions that aids in the absorption of required nutrients by the roots. Fibrous roots of trees help in assimilating the required nutrients from the soil.

The above offers necessary details on the importance of healthy soil for growing trees.

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