Usage of Various Types of Knives Explained


The shape and size of knives determine the ideal use for them. Chefs and kitchen managers must know about the best ways to use these tools to make their daily task significantly comfortable. If you visit sites like, your knowledge about using these them will be enhanced. For more info, browsing online will be the ideal way. Any renowned chef will tell you that they need a wide variety of knives in their kitchen to keep everything operational.

Know your way
All budding chefs and managers of household kitchens must know about the most appropriate use of different blades. They must also know about the shape and size of these knives. This information can make your life substantially easier without a doubt.

Chef’s knife- purposes aplenty
It is one of the most prominent tools in the armory of every chef. The size of these knives can vary, but their shape remains the same. Some chefs knives can be as short as 6 inches. Others can exceed 10 inches. Most of them have a blade-width of about 1.5 inches. The curve of the blade makes them unique and useful.

Cutting beef can become an incredibly convenient task with this tool. However, many chefs use it for chopping vegetables at a quick pace. You can use them for both the functions as stated above. It can be highly effective for various cooking chores.

Paring knifes- for all times
Such blades are elegant, short, and superbly helpful. Using them for peeling off the skin from various veggies can make your job easy. Are you having trouble creating garnishing material? Well, you must use a paring knife to beautify the dishes that you have cooked. Deveining of shrimp can become messy if you don’t have the right tools. A paring knife will be ideal for this task too. Their length seldom exceeds 4 inches, which makes them easy to store and use.

The perfection of serrated utility blades
When you want an exact cut on food items of all kinds, you must think of serrated utility knives. Their sharpness makes them ideal for slicing sandwiches in apt sizes. Cutting perfectly-shaped vegetables can be a nightmare for many people. Well, it would be a cakewalk once they start using such blades. With a length of around seven inches, the serrated utility knives seldom allow you to make a mistake.

Separate bones and meat
As its name suggests, a boning knife is perfect for cutting out meat from bones. Cooking boneless chicken requires minimal wastage. It also mandates that the flesh remains top-notch. How can you ensure it? Using a boning knife is the best way to accomplish this task.

Carve it to perfection
A roasted chicken or turkey will lose all its taste if you do not carve it properly. Using the right tool at the most suitable times is essential. And when you are cutting a turkey or a duck, you can never go wrong if you have the sharp blade of a carving knife at your disposal.

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